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Education & Training


A core aim of the PTTS is to facilitate the spreading of knowledge both amongst its membership and to a wider audience. The PTTS facilitates a number of specialist committees formed of industry experts, to produce and publish best practice guidance.


The PTTS aims to spread knowledge amongst its members and throughout the tunneling industry, and to promote the education of the next generation of aspiring tunnellers.


The PTTS runs specialist training courses, certification and is a major contributor to a specialist Tunneling MSc course, and runs outreach programmes into different schools and universities in Pakistan.

Research & Publications

The PTTS has published, or collaborated with others to publish, a number of best practice and other guides. These publications may be downloaded here for free, or copies purchased from the XYZ bookshop.

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Empowering Tunneling Professionals

The PTTS Education and Training promotes knowledge sharing, offers specialized training courses, contributes to a Tunneling MSc course, and publishes best practice guides to enhance expertise in the tunneling industry in Pakistan.

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A professional link to the world of tunneling and trenchless technology, A first ever initiative in Pakistan to reform underground space utilization promoting tunneling and trenchless technology for a sustainable developments.