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About Pakistan Tunneling & Trenchless Society (PTTS)


Next Gen Tunneling in Pakistan

Pakistan Tunneling and Trenchless Society (PTTS) is a technical society established in 2020 by young tunneling professionals with the objectives of promoting sustainable infrastructure development, urban and micro-tunneling, knowledge sharing among professionals, adopting cutting-edge technologies, collaborating with national and international organizations, organizing workshops and training courses, advocating for HSE standards, and suggesting strategies for underground space utilization in Pakistan.

Our Mission
  • Promote sustainable infrastructure development through sub-surface utilization in Pakistan.
  • Introduce and promote urban and micro-tunneling technologies.
  • Provide a common platform for knowledge sharing among tunneling professionals, equipment manufacturers, industry, and academic institutes.
  • Foster a culture of innovation by promoting cutting-edge technologies in tunneling and trenchless technologies.
  • Collaborate with public and private organizations in the field of tunneling and related industries.
  • Collaborate with national and international societies for capacity building.
  •  Organize workshops, seminars, and training courses on tunneling-related topics.
  • Promote underground and confined space HSE standards.
  • Suggest measures and strategies for underground space utilization in Pakistan.

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Engr Umair

Founding Member

Engr Kamal Azfar

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Engr Asif Riaz

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Engr Ashraf Hussain

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Engr Kashif Gardezi

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Activities & Events

Networking events, conferences, and forums for professionals in the field of tunneling.

Workshops, seminars, and training courses on various tunneling-related topics.

Collaborative projects with public and private organizations in the field of tunneling.

Knowledge exchange and technology transfer initiatives.

Participation in national and international conferences and exhibitions.

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occupational health and safety, technical , technology suppliers and environmental.

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A professional link to the world of tunneling and trenchless technology, A first ever initiative in Pakistan to reform underground space utilization promoting tunneling and trenchless technology for a sustainable developments.